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You’re magic!

Thank you very very much for your guidance. Lots of knowledge out there at the moment, but it’s the nuance, quick troubleshooting and adaptation that makes this process special. So thank you. This is a huge milestone on the journey to our little one’s self settlement and consistent quality sleep. Now I know for sure that I can get back involved and that we can move away from our presence entirely… because you’re magic 😊

Happy Dad

October 12, 2023

First 12 hours stint EVER!

Good morning Lucy! It is a VERY good morning in our household this morning. As I said yesterday with very, very special thanks to you!!! Last night E slept her first 12 hour stint… EVER. 🎉🎉🎉🎉 She’s in a lovely, very well rested mood. And we are over the moon for her!! I don’t want to say I was a sceptic, because I read absolutely every testimonial I could find. So I knew it worked. But I never imagined we would have a 12 hour stint within a week so comfortably! We couldn’t be more grateful to you! You’ve made this week a pleasure.


October 11, 2023

Support in my lows and highs.

I turned to calm & bright with my after I had totally lost the plot with my second child. The first born was a beautiful sleeper and because my second didn’t sleep I thought I’d failed, done something wrong. The C&B Instagram page gave so much useful advice that worked I decided to trust a plan. I have never looked back. The plan not only worked, I still refer to it many years on to check in when I need to like my own little comfort blanket. I liked how I was never made to ignore my child. I liked how it was expected to give comfort to my child. I liked how it gave me flexibility and understanding in a busy family household. So this is just to day ‘Thanks’ for the support. Sleep wins.

Amy Crouch

October 3, 2023

These ladies are angels

Their course is fantastic. After struggling so badly with hourly wakes with my cosleeping, breastfeeding baby, I decided to seek support and was recommended Calm & Bright by my best friend. I have recommended them countless times to multiple friends, family and groups online as they completely changed my life. I was depressed, some days unable to leave the house, worried to drive with my baby and barely even getting dressed. I followed their plan and it changed everything. My little boy suffered badly with colic so it did take a little longer than some of the other feedback I’ve seen from other people that used their plans but you can get extra one on one support from them if that is the case – financially wasn’t an option for us, but we stuck with it and wow – my whole life improved. My 16 month old has been sleeping through the night since 12 months and yesterday he had a 2.5h nap in his cot and 12h sleep overnight in a travel cot! With no tears! The dedication they have to their followers is incredible. The amount of free content the provide is amazing, it just shows you what wonderful women they are. Thank you so much for allowing me to enjoy my baby again! And he would thank you too as he’s very grumpy without his nice nap 😂😊

Grace Reynolds

September 27, 2023

Wow what can I say…amazing

Wow what can I say… this has been the best money I have ever spent. My little one had never slept through so at 9 months we bought the plan plus. The extra help was well worth it for peace of mind and to ask all the questions we had. My little man is now sleeping through the night and having two, two hour naps a day which is just magic. Thank you so much Sal for all your help and guidance and the plan well that’s just magic.

Nicole Mason

September 23, 2023

You changed our sleep lives!

I felt so uncertain about sleep teaching but I was just at breaking point when the 4 month sleep regression felt like it never ended. 9 weeks later, I started the gentle steps and have had the most reassuring, kindest 1:1 support from Aimee. She’s there as a listening ear, has mountains of advice and been my god send! I am constantly on your Instagram, going back through reels to check I’m on the right track. Thank you ♥️

Hannah L

September 18, 2023