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You should feel proud of yourself for taking this step. Investing in this plan means that you’ve made an empowered and informed decision that will change your family’s life for the better.

You have chosen action over helplessness, decision over indecision. You could have struggled on, bewildered and exhausted, but instead you chose to take positive, loving action to get your family the rest they need. A rested life is a happy and healthy one. Despite not yet knowing where to start, your gut led you forward courageously. Congratulations, and welcome .

You are about to discover the exact tools you need to turn sleep around.

You will learn a new and liberating way to nurture sleep, free of set times and restrictions. You will be guided step by step as you carve out a routine that works for your family life.

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About Us

We are Calm & Bright. Two sisters from Devon, also known as ‘The Sleep Sisters’, ‘Sleep Fairies’ and ‘Sleep Queens’.

But you can just call us Eve & Gem

Together with our highly-qualified and deeply-nurturing team of NHS paediatric nurses, midwives, health visitors and counsellors, we help families live a happy, healthy, connected life with the ones they love.

We’ve authored a book on our topic, speak around the world regularly, and often feature in mainstream press. Everything we do comes from a place of love and we support each family as if they were our own. Our plans are 100% free of restrictive routines and our baby-led approach is regularly described as ‘gentle’, ‘responsive’ and ‘empowering.’

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