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What does the plan involve?

  • All the tools you need to overcome any cause of broken sleep in babies and young children age from birth to 6 years
  • Immediate access via a private login on our website
  • Teaches you to enable peaceful independent sleep
  • Highly responsive form of controlled crying which gives your child a golden opportunity to learn and practice something they’re perfectly capable of, while being supported and comforted by you as they learn
  • Read more about our approach here

How does the 1:1 support work?

  • Can be bought alongside a plan or at any point in the future
  • Comes in 30 minute sessions
  • Bookable via our website
  • Carried out over whatsapp (back and forth messages) or a phone call
  • Usually actioned within one working day
  • Can be used over a period of up to 2 weeks

Does the plan contain strict times and restrictive schedules?

  • No set times in our plans.
  • They offer simple, highly-effective tools to help you carve out your own ‘real life’ routine.
  • Regularity and predictability will come just as soon as your child has caught up on lost sleep.

I want to stop feeding overnight. Does the plan give me advice on this?

Yes, the plan advises how to do this gradually, with respect for the baby and the mother’s body

What if the plan doesn’t work?

  • Although it’s been said on many occasions that we have magic wands, we don’t. We are humans, not wizards!
  • We don’t have control over how closely our approach is followed or how a baby or child responds to it
  • Saying that, our plans work. With over five thousand families creating total sleep turnarounds, and our amazing TrustPilot Reviews, it’s got to be worth a shot
  • 1:1 support is available within 24 working hours for anyone who needs it via our website

Do I have to stop breastfeeding?

  • Sadly, many many mothers believe that they need to stop breastfeeding in order to get sleep. This is one of the most damaging sleep myths there is
  • Breastfeeding is an incredible thing to do and it should continue as long as you want it to. It is entirely compatible with our sleep plans
  • Our plans have been known to extend breastfeeding journeys

Does the plan work around childcare arrangements?

  • Yes. Ideally the first five days of the plan takes place in a consistent environment
  • But if your baby’s consistent includes various settings, we can work around that

Can I sleep teach with baby in my room?

  • Yes. Babies under six months old are almost always in the parents’ room
  • We recommend if a baby is 6 months or older that they transition into their own room at the same time as the sleep teaching

Can I still co-sleep?

  • Co-sleeping and contact napping is natural in babies under 6 months and is incorporated in to our 0-18 month plan
  • Beyond 6 months of age, parents in search of solid sleep will need to stop co-sleeping during the sleep teaching to allow independent sleep to take hold

What if my other children get disturbed by the sleep teaching?

  • If you have other children to consider, you’re not alone. The vast majority of families have other siblings to think about. It’s very rare we hear of other siblings being disturbed
  • There are tools within the plan to combat and reduce the risk of it happening
  • Eve and Gem have eight children between them and have successfully carried out sleep teaching with all the other commitments that a busy family life brings

Do other childcare settings have to follow the plan?

No. It is perfectly okay for sleep to happen in different ways at different places if it is your baby or child’s norm

What do I do if my child gets unwell?

  • The sleep teaching can only be started when a child is 100% well and has been for at least five days
  • If your child becomes poorly or in pain during the sleep teaching, we have very clear guidance on how to increase comfort and pause the teaching until they are better

Can I sleep teach through a leap?

Absolutely. Babies and children are ever-developing and sleep is essential at every age and stage to support healthy brain and body development

Will sleep teaching damage our attachment?

  • Absolutely not. Whilst many parents worry about their bond with their child being negatively impacted, the feedback we receive is that sleep enhances familial bonds
  • Sleep makes parents more present, playful, responsive and calm

How long will it take to see results?

  • Most families notice a significant shift within a 24 hour period
  • Total turnarounds are often reported within 3 to 5 days
  • Cases can take longer due areas outside our control such as teething or illness, or parents not following the plan’s guidance as laid out
  • The vast majority of families hit their sleep goals within 1-2 weeks
Got questions?