How We Help

We Provide

“incredible” sleep plans from pregnancy to age 4

 freedom from unwanted sleep associations, such as feeding/rocking/staying/sucking

 a permanent end to unnecessary night wakes

 nap mastery from birth to age 4

 bedtime transformations

 an end to early starts

 troubleshooting any obstacles to sleep

Typical Results

“life-changing” results within 2 weeks – sometimes 3 to 5 days

 6+ hours solid sleep from 3 to 4 months

11/12+ hours solid sleep from 6 months to 4 years

 restorative, predictable naps lasting up to 3 hours

 relaxed and enjoyable bedtimes

 wake times that work for your family

 more predictable, consistent, calm days

 solid sleep that’s future-proof



Benefits of Our Service

 happier parents; less shouting, arguing, losing control, snapping, withdrawing, resentment, chaos, bitterness, division and tears

 happier children; transformed moods, behaviour and energy, improved ability to listen, share, reason and regulate, better immunity, appetite and health, and greater confidence and achievement

 vast improvements to mental health (several clients attribute coming off anti-depressants to our sleep support)

 dramatically improved physical health

 deeper parent/child bonds

 parents who are more emotionally available and present

 familial relationships repaired and reconnected

 sleeping in the same bed as the one you love

 having the time, space and energy to live the life you deserve

The Families We Help Describe Us and The Difference We've Made To Their Lives As:



 “best investment ever”



 “sleep disciples”

 “sanity saviours”

 “peace restorers”

 “bond builders”

“florence nightingales of sleep”

Our Why

We could talk to you all day about what we do and how we do it, but what drives us –what keeps our hearts full and our heads engaged – is our why.

For us, it’s beautifully simple: we want to heal families and bring them back together. To give children back their happy, emotionally available, rational, playful parents. The parents they deserve. The parents that are there beneath the exhaustion, plagued with guilt, desperate to return. We do it to lift marriages and relationships that are under immense strain. To ease troubled minds. To provide freedom from backbreaking patterns and restrictive fears and beliefs about sleep.

We enable you to take down the destructive barrier of broken sleep so that life can happen without you wishing it away because you’re so defeated.

Putting You In Control

Our mission is to help families across the globe achieve a better, brighter future, fuelled by glorious, life-transforming, solid sleep.

We achieve it by empowering you to help your children achieve sustainable unbroken sleep. We do this by facilitating incredible change through you: change that develops your confidence in yourself and your ability to happily overcome any future sleep hurdles you may be faced with, and that makes you better equipped to read and interpret your children’s cues.

We give you the tools and strategies you need to achieve this yourself. We don’t do it for you (where would that leave you when you face your next sleep challenge, such as a house move or new baby?) Our remote support means we’re always here when you need us.

Life is precious and these years with our young children are fleeting. Will you spend them drained, resent-filled and stuck, or rested, happy and free?

Our Philosophy

We believe decisions that come from a place of love are far more powerful than those that come from a place of fear. Parenting often requires us to take the harder path for the greater good. To give our children what they need rather than what they want.

It may seem easier to give in – and, let’s face it, we’re often too tired to have the energy for anything else – but doing so often creates more difficulty in the long term. The decision to skilfully and lovingly take on small battles (that feel like hard work at the time) leads to longer term peace and harmony for the whole family.

Choosing to invest in sleep teaching isn’t an easy decision. We don’t just face our child’s resistance – we face our own fears, experiences and insecurities. In a beautiful and powerful poem, Eve shares how separating our own ‘stuff’ from our child’s enables us to parent effectively and objectively, with the greatest love. Make sure you’ve got the tissues at hand!

The awareness our plans provide is a gift. Rather than validating our child’s belief that they can’t sleep without us, we’re empowering them with the confidence that they can sleep without needing us to help them. Far from abandoning them to fend for themselves, we’re saying, “I love you, you can do this and I will be here the whole time while you do.”

Of course, it’s essential that we respond when our children need us, but it’s just as vital that we respond in the right way – with safe, predictable, consistent boundaries that enable them to grow, develop and flourish. Boundaries are not restrictive. Sleep associations that shackle us to unhealthy ways of doing things are what restrict us. A childhood without boundaries feels unsafe and unpredictable for both parent and child. Boundaries laid down with love are the enablers of freedom, security, and opportunity. One of the greatest gifts we can give our children is solid, reparative sleep.

What To Expect

No one likes to see their child upset. Yet seeing them suffer the ill effects of sleep deprivation, night after night, week after week, month after month is often more painful. Endless sleepless nights can make life feel like parenthood is something to endure, when it should be a time to create happy experiences and memories together.

It’s important to remember that tears and protest are your child’s way of letting you know they’re cross about the change in your behaviour. The feeding, staying, rocking, holding – all those things they’ve become used to – serve to reinforce their belief that there’s no other way to do it. You did these things because they once worked – but they are no longer working for your family. If you are here, perhaps you feel it’s time to change.

The first night of our teaching often involves less crying than normal. In fact, Eve’s 10 month old daughter had a breakthrough on the very first night, and has slept 12 solid hours almost every night of her 13 years of life since then.

As your children realise they can fall asleep and get themselves back to sleep with no angst or difficulty (almost always within a matter of days, and sometimes even hours) their confidence in themselves and their ability grows.

As parents, the empowerment you witness in your children during and after the sleep support is a marvellous thing. Parents are regularly astounded by the scale of the changes and how quick and easy they are to achieve. What’s more, you’ve enabled those changes yourself!