Our Story

We are Calm & Bright. We believe in empowering parents to enable their family with solid sleep.  We are a team of 10 women. Among us there are three paediatric nurses, a midwife, a senior NHS clinical psychologist and an integrative therapist.


Eve: Founder, Sleep Supporter and Mum of Four

People sometimes think the reason I can help families with solid sleep is because my four children are perfect sleepers, but it’s quite the opposite. While 12 solid hours a night is now our norm, it is only because I was once where you might be now (wracked with crippling exhaustion) that I can empower families like yours.

Twelve years ago, I was a first-time mum to a 10-month-old baby who I was determined to raise with the highest level of love and attachment possible. I vowed I would see to her every need, night and day. I would never let her cry and I would never let her struggle.

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Gemma: Founder, Sleep Supporter and Mum of Three

When my sister started Calm & Bright she had a vision. She wanted to provide the kind of ‘rescue’ that she herself had been so desperate for. She wanted to help, support and encourage exhausted, sleep-deprived families like her own because she had been on her knees and had guided her own way out of it. Eve has been like this since she was a little girl – always seeing how she can make others feel better.

After witnessing my big sister struggle through years of sleep deprivation, watching her come out the other side was incredible. She was a different person. When I went on to have my own children and suffer my own sleepless nights, Eve was not only there to love me as a sister – she was able to guide me through some of the darkest, toughest moments of my life, because she knew another way.

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Lucy: paediatric nurse, Sleep Supporter and Mum of Three

Hi I’m Lucy, senior sleep supporter and paediatric nurse from Devon. Gem and I work at the same hospital in Devon. We have even worked on the same team together. I’m an IVF mummy of 3 – two of them twins. Guilty pleasures include online shopping (I love it, my bank account and husband not so much.) I find great pleasure in all things cake-related.

When Eve & Gem found me, they said they were looking for someone with the same philosophy and passion as them. I feel so thankful that they saw in me what they were looking for.  The work we do is so rewarding. It feels a genuine privilege to be part of people’s lives as I support them on their individual journey to solid sleep. I can’t imagine a time where I won’t feel grateful this job and being part of this incredible team of women who I get to call my friends.

Our Qualifications
As well as successfully helping thousands of families each year, the C&B team has the following qualifications to enhance our professional practice:


  • Level 5 OCN Accredited Sleep Training. Highly comprehensive training available in the UK with a focus on a strong and healthy parent-child attachment 
  • Dip HE Children’s Nursing (NICU Queen Charlottes, Doncaster Women’s, Jessops) 
  • Bsc HONs Health & Social Care     Management
  • Neonatal Studies Dip HE
  • UNICEF Breastfeeding Initiative Course 
  • Understanding Children & Young People’s Mental Health – Level 2
  • Emotional Literacy Trainer 
  • Safeguarding Children – Level 3
  • STORM (suicide prevention training) 
  • Counselling skills – Level 3 
  • Childhood Allergy Course 
  • Asthma Study 
  • Understanding Autism Level 3 Certificate 
  • Public Health Paediatrics
  • AVCE in Health & Social Care
  • Dip HE in Child Health – Kings College   London 
  • Registered Children’s Nurse – Kings College London, Evelina Children’s Hospital
  • Paediatric Intensive Care course
  • Paediatric Palliative Care Nursing
  • Paediatric Nurse Counselling 
  • Childhood Asthma Course 
  • Gastroenterology Course (GORF specialism)
  • Mentorship Course 
  • Safeguarding Children Level 4
  • CAMHS Course  
  • Neonatal 
  • General Paediatrics
  • Advanced paediatric life support
  • Public Health in Children 
  • BSc Psychology and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology
  • 31 collective years of Paediatric Nursing