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Members of the IPSA (International Paediatric Sleep Association) which operates exclusively for scientific and educational purposes. The. IPSA promotes basic and applied research, teaching programmes, holds scientific meetings, informs the public on sleep research, and establishes and maintains standards of reporting and classifying data in the field of paediatric sleep research. 

Members of the BSS (British Sleep Society), a  professional organisation for medical, scientific and healthcare workers dealing with sleeping disorders.

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Each and every one of our 'remarkable' sleep support plans is loving, responsive and highly effective. Designed to enable, empower and encourage, our plans work wonders in a range of sleep issues, family set ups and cultures, children’s temperaments and developmental ages and stages, parental philosophies and budgets. Every plan comes from a place of great love and has your child’s happiness and well-being at its core. Gem and Eve and their lush sister Beth are proud owners of 8 of their own children (in 2020 aged 2 to 11) who have all needed some sleep support at one time or another. We are both often asked what our 'secret' is to our kind, happy, confident and empathetic children is and our answers are always the same: solid sleep and loving boundaries (both of which are encompassed in our plans.)

Follow these simple steps to see which of our sleep plans are best suited to your needs:

Step 1:    Use our Self Assess tool (below) 

Step 2:   If suitable for the PDF-only plan, purchase that online

Step 3:   If the self-assessment suggested you may be best matched with a bespoke sleep plan, please     

              return the Assessment Form to us








This super-simple and quick assessment is for you to do in your head. Simply note whether you have any C answers, and if so how many.


Please bear in mind that your assessment will only be accurate if you are honest in your answers. If you buy a plan lesser to the one you really need, it may well result in the plan costing more in the long run, practically, financially and emotionally. Please answer from the heart and avoid the urge to make things sound better than they are. We are here to help, not judge. 


1) Broken sleep has been going on for:

A less than a year 

B over a year 

C more than 2 years 

2) Overnight, my 6+ months child will typically wake: 

A 2 or less times a night 

B 3 or less times a night 

C 4 or more times a night  

* Parents of babies age 0-6 months, please ignore this question

3) On an average night my child is getting a total of around: 

A 9+ hours sleep 

B 8+ hours sleep 

C Under 8 hours sleep 


4) During a typical night my child will be awake for a total of around: 

A an hour or less 

B 1-2 hours 

C 2 or more hours  


5) My child’s day typically begins:  

A after 5.30

B after 4.30 

C before 4.30    


6) When not tired I would describe my child as: 

A usually happy and confident in their own skin 

B more often than not clingy with unpredictable moods at times 

C usually demanding, often suffering with emotional volatility


7) I would say my child is: 

A able to function normally, albeit not their best self because of the tiredness 

B constantly overtired and suffering from the ill effects of broken sleep  

C rock bottom exhausted - it’s impacting on their quality of life 


8) Developmentally, my child is:

A hitting standard milestones 

B pretty much where they are expected to be give or take a few months 

C delayed due to unknown/known factors 


9) My child’s health is: 

A generally good 

B less good than it could be, because of the tiredness  

C impacted upon by some serious health challenges   


10) When it comes to boundary setting and consistency: 

A I am able to do this most of the time when not exhausted 

B I regularly feel unable to do this, despite wanting to 

C I am an entirely baby-lead, ‘attachment’ parent and it’s working for me/ I don’t want to change that 


11) In terms of readiness for change: 

A we are 100% ready, come what may 

B we are somewhat guilt-filled, but know deep down it’s the right thing to do 

C we are undecided. There are some parts of the sleep ‘problem’ that we enjoy and don’t want to change


12) When it comes to my and my partner’s mental health 

A exhaustion is impacting heavily on my mood but I wouldn’t say I feel depressed 

B I have felt low, anxious and weepy but believe this is down to the exhaustion/ the usual trials of parenthood 

C I face significant mental health challenges


13) My experience of conception, pregnancy and birth was:

A full on but not traumatic

B difficult but I now have peace with it all 

C harrowing/ traumatic/ painful (either physically or emotionally). Conception may have followed loss or a particular effort to conceive


14) Our family’s emotional horizon is:

A pretty clear - life is settled and not outside 'our' ordinary 

B not entirely clear. There are some potentially unsettling variables such as a return to work/ new baby on the way/ house move/ start at nursery or similar 

C jam packed. There is a considerable amount of difficult/ stressful events/ changes going on for our family 

15) When it comes to the protest that I may well face from my child:

A I don’t like to hear them cry but I accept that some protest will be part of the process 

B I accept it will happen but have mixed feelings/ concerns about it 

C I am inherently opposed to any kind of struggle for my child and I am not willing to continue if there is any kind of protest


If your answers contained only As and Bs, we are confident that your case is suitable for the PDF-only plan which you can purchase online. If you answered any Cs at all it is highly recommended that you request our in-depth assessment form so that we can be sure to get you the care and the results that your family needs and deserves. You can do this below. Please note that your device may send this form to junk mail. 

Please note: C&B strongly advises against choosing a lower cost package that’s not adequate for your needs. Our support recommendations are based on ten years’ experience and professional judgement. C&B takes no responsibility for the outcome of packages purchased below the level we recommend, as we take great care to assess you correctly.