Our Early Wakes Plan – suitable from 5 months to 6 years – has been created especially for those of you starting your days long before you want to. Containing every method we know to end too-early starts, it’s designed for families starting their day before 6am but after 5am. Note: any wake before 5am is not an early wake but a night wake and must be treated as such. The Early Wakes plan is not suitable for night wakes – see The Solid Sleep Plan for remedying any pre 5am wakes.

This plan includes the Sleep Needs Table (worth £10) because we know how instrumental day sleep is in getting to where you need to be.

Please Note: This plan is only for families with babies and children who are able to self-settle to sleep (for all sleeps day and night). If your baby/child needs help settling to sleep, it is likely that a different plan is needed. Please use our simple self-assess tool to see which level of support is best suited to your family’s needs.

You can read what other families say about this plan here.

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