This enabling, empowering plan guides you through the first five months of your baby’s life as you lay the foundations for healthy, solid sleep. It’s been designed to demystify this confusing time and give you the confidence to maximise your whole family’s sleep.

Parents using our approach tell us their babies are happier, benefit from improved immunity and appetite, and are easier to comfort, handle and bond with. Free from the shackles of sleep associations, they flourish – and the parenting experience is transformed.

Rocking or feeding a 4-week-old baby to sleep can be a thing of wonder. Doing the same for a two and a half-year-old with a painful back, a looming return to work or another baby on the way is another story. This plan provides the tools to move confidently from the all-encompassing new-born stage to peaceful, independent sleep by the time your child reaches five months. Suitable from pregnancy/birth.

Please self-assess before buying this plan to ensure it meets your family’s needs.

The Help Hub

Your plan includes access to our online members’-only area, which contains:

a library of supportive and informative videos by Eve and Gem to motivate and encourage you throughout the sleep teaching

a sleep needs table, outlining your baby’s sleep needs – night and day – from birth to age 6. Our sleep needs table covers nap gaps, nap duration, number of naps, total day sleep, total night sleep and number of night feeds

advice on how to future-proof your baby’s solid sleep against obstacles such as illness, teething and nap transitions

a Cows’ Dairy Allergy and Intolerance factsheet

Eve’s poem, Untangled, which beautifully explains the need to separate our baby’s needs from our own, so we can carry out the sleep teaching with clarity, confidence and purpose

our evidence-based factsheet, compiled by our practising paediatric nurses, on why sleep teaching is loving, kind and safe

a printable ‘My Whys’ worksheet for you to fill in and attach to your baby’s door for focus and motivation

the Early Wakes Plan, for anyone who needs to focus on later starts to their day

The Calm & Bright Club

In addition to your plan and the Help Hub described above, you get exclusive access to our supportive online community, @thecalmandbrightclub. Hosted on both Facebook and Instagram, the club is a positive, uplifting space for you to communicate with other parents working with Calm & Bright plans. It’s a great place to share your successes and wins, and to reach out with any questions.

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