Enable a full night's sleep

Our self-help sleep training plans are like no other. Packed with all the tools you need to resolve every type of sleep issue, day or night.

With a range of approaches to suit your parenting style and step-by-step guidance on how to overcome common sleep challenges.

Tried and tested by more than 15,000 families around the world, with 1000s of 5-star reviews, our sleep training plans will give your family the sleep you all need and deserve.

Plans £89 each

0 - 4 Months

The Nurture Plan

This deeply nurturing plan helps parents feel seen and heard in one of life’s greatest transitions so that you can confidently navigate the first 6 months of your baby’s sleep journey. The fourth trimester and beyond is an unsettled time for sleep, but there are natural, baby-led ways to teach your baby to settle confidently and peacefully when the time is right. 

5 - 18 Months

The Rested Baby

Discover our loving and responsive approach that’s enabled 11+ hour nights to over 15,000 families. Gently enable the life-skill of self-settling with your approach of choice that best matches your parenting style. Benefit from 10 years worth of troubleshooting and supporting resources to motivate and encourage you on your journey. 

18 Months - 4 Years

The Rested Toddler​

Discover how to break free from obstacles to sleep such as bedtime battles, night wakes, nap resistance and early starts. Lovingly enable consistent, safe boundaries that allow your child to sleep peacefully and confidently night after night. Approaches to suit both cot and bed sleepers. This plan quickly and effectively enables solid nights and happier days with sleep that lasts for years to come.

Time-served expertise

Our plan is built from proven, evidence-based practice and born from a place of love

As NHS practitioners, we use evidence-based practice in all that we do. Together with our anecdotal evidence base of the thousands of families we’ve helped, we help each family as if they were our own with the utmost compassion and care. We help you to

What can you expect?

We do not practice cry it out

Deconstructing the wild untruths about crying

Controlled crying has a bad rep and it’s no wonder why.  Who wants to exert control or endure any tears when you’re a need-meeting parent? However, crying is not part of our plans. In fact, there is often far more tears in a tired household before the teaching than during it.

The evidence speaks clearly that sleep teaching is not only deeply effective but that it is attachment enhancing. We simply cannot be the parents our children deserve when we are running on empty.

If you’re interested in our approach and whether our plans involve crying, watch founder Eve’s video on the topic where she shares how a minor car crash, brought on at the peak of her exhaustion, led to the approach that has helped thousands of exhausted families worldwide. 

Add-on dedicated support

Get 1:1 support from our highly-qualified sleep specialists

Our superb team offer their professional expertise and heart-led care to you when you need it most. Our dedicated sleep supporters are always in the wings waiting to support, guide and empower you on your journey.

Support options include:

From £89

Age-appropriate advice for your child

Our plans contain all the tools you need to enable 11+ hours sleep a night, from the 6-8 month mark, enjoy lovely long naps, cut bedtime battles and say goodbye to early starts. Pre 6 months, our Nurture Plan will help you gently lay down the foundations for best possible sleep from the start. Our Rested Baby and Rested Toddler plans  also come with free bonus resources such as the Early Wakes Plan, Troubleshooting (the top 10 questions we’ve been asked on our 1:1 calls over the last ten years), and a sleep tracker to keep on top of your sleep progress. The Nurture Plan comes with a range of supportive and encouraging resources as you navigate the first 6 months of your baby’s sleep journey.

What's inside?

Our 'Excellent-rated' self-guided plan with a range of approaches to suit your parenting style

As soon as you purchase a plan, you will gain immediate access to the videos, literature and downloadable materials that make up the plan.

Easily learn as you track your progress across the clear and concise modules. Log-in any time, day or night, to read, watch and listen to our supportive plan.

1:1 Support Options

Formulated by our paediatric NHS team, our super quick self-assessment helps you decide if you would benefit from adding some 1:1 support to your plan. 

Self-Help Sleep Guides

From Birth - 4 Years


Dedicated 1:1 Support

Add 1:1 Support to Your Plan

From £89

We're so confident in our plan we offer a​

Money back guarantee

Our plans have the power to totally turn your family’s sleep around. Our hundreds of testimonials are testament to this. In the unlikely event that you do not feel it has worked for you, we offer a 30 day 100% money back guarantee on the price of your plan.

Hundreds of 5 star reviews.
Rated 'Excellent'.
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Money Back Guarantee

All we need to know is that you gave the sleep teaching your all.

That you gave yourself and your child a real opportunity for this to work. To help us be sure of this, we ask for a four week diary of your sleep progress.

You’ll find a Sleep Tracker in your course material to make this as easy as possible for you. Once this has been received (within 30 days of purchase) a full refund of the plan will be issued with no questions asked.

Email our helpdesk on support@calmandbright.co.uk for more information. Please note that 1:1 support is non-refundable.