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We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us give Toby the gift of sleep!

We started off, a couple of third time parents, oh so grateful for the gift of our second son after the heartbreaking loss of our baby girl the year before. When Toby was born, we vowed we wouldn’t get into bad sleep habits; the rocking, the feeding to sleep, the dummy, the co-sleeping! Fast forward 8 months, and all of the above had, and were happening. Toby was waking 3-4 times a night and couldn’t go back to sleep without minutes and sometimes hours of intervention from us.

After the loss of our daughter we hated Toby crying and even though we were exhausted, we didn’t feel strong enough to begin sleep training. He also has a number of allergies and so this contributed to our feelings of doubt over letting him cry, in case he was feeling unwell.

However we hated that we didn’t have the energy to play with and enjoy our older son or even enjoy each other. We both dreaded going to bed at night as we didn’t know what was going to happen.

Not to mention that Toby was outgrowing his crib in our bedroom and needed to move into our second (and only other) bedroom with his big brother. There was no way he could until he was sleeping much much better.

So after Christmas we finally contacted Eve at Calm and Bright. It was the best decision we could have made for our family! Totally exhausted and close to tears most days it was a MASSIVE relief to speak with Eve and accept that we were going to help Toby (and ourselves).

Eve gave us the strength and confidence to sleep teach Toby when we didn’t quite know how.

We took away the dummies, his sleep positioner and put him into his big cot in his brothers room. On the first night he slept through. We actually couldn’t quite believe what was happening. After this, there was no going back.

It wasn’t only the sleep that got better. His daily routine was better too and as parents adjusting to having a second child, this really helped us get more organised so that we could enjoy our days with BOTH boys.

Eve also supported us with our own adjustment to Toby being able to self settle. After 8 months of needing us, it felt really strange and I almost felt sad, even though I was so relieved. Even when Toby started sleeping through, we still wouldn’t! We’d be waking up feeling anxious, almost waiting for him to wake. Eve helped us through these complicated feelings with reassurance.

Fast forward to two weeks before Toby’s first birthday. He’s still sleeping through (despite various illness and learning to crawl and stand in his cot), having 2 good daytime naps and a very happy baby and we’re sleeping through too! The boys are still sharing a bedroom and we have a good bedtime routine for both of them. Plus we are enjoying our older son too and he also no longer dreads night time. We no longer dread the night!! It’s the best feeling ever and we’ll never lose the skills we learnt!

Thanks again Eve, forever grateful.


Dear All at Calm and Bright,

I wanted to thank you for your help and support with my 8 month old daughter Delilah. When I got in touch I really was on my knees, she was taking hours to settle at bed time and through the night or waking up to 8-9 times a night. She rarely slept in the day with out a lot of feeding or rocking. We used your SOS Sleep Plan PDF and since we implemented it, she is now having 2 long naps a day and last night she slept 10 hours straight!!! She soothes herself beautifully with no tears and no fuss. I have noticed she is generally brighter and happier, more interested in food and wakes up refreshed and content.

The way you have constructed the plan and talk about controlled crying & protest, meant that I had the confidence to follow my instincts and recognise that to carry on as we were, wasn’t benefiting any of us least of all Delilah. I felt empowered to do what I felt was right for

my family without judgement.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!


Dear Gemma,

Here is our testimonial. I have really been looking forward to writing this!

To start I will explain how bad things were before. Finlay started off sleeping ok, 3-4 hr stretches until he was 3 weeks old. He was then seriously unwell and admitted to hospital for a week. The night he returned home I realised things had changed. He would not settle for even 5 mins unless held. He woke frequently, probably every half hour, even when held in my arms. The frequent night wakings continued until he was 18 months with no signs of improvement.

His night waking’s were so severe that I became a complete emotional wreck. I was snappy and irritable and tearful, our family life suffered. My husband Rich and I would often fight about who was the most tired! We tried everything and read every book we could think of.

I felt that I was providing comfort that Finlay needed by constantly being there for him at night. I tried sleep training but found it heartbreaking to listen to him cry, plus I wasn’t sure I was doing the right thing so didn’t carry on.

I first heard about Calm & Bright via a friend who had a 3 yr old and a 1 year old and told me about the amazing changes they had experienced since getting help. (both children now sleep through almost every night.)

I struggled on for another 5 months before contacting Gemma as I was convinced things would get better on their own. I felt so much better after our initial contact. I had complete faith in Gemma from the start that things were going to get better.

We noticed improvements after just the first few nights. The support was amazing, I truly felt that I had a friend that I could contact at anytime for advice. We worked through Finlay’s sleep problems together and she was here for us at every hurdle.

He now sleeps in general 8pm until 8am with a 2 hr nap between 12-2. I would never have believed this would be possible before!

Training Finlay to sleep has been one of the hardest things I have had to do as a parent, but it has been so worth it, both for Finaly and for me and Rich. Finlay is a much happier child in general since he started to sleep better. He gets sick much less often and recovers quicker.

The best thing has been that I actually feel able to be the Mum I want to be. I can run around soft play, laugh and joke and have so much more patience and fun with Finlay. Our home life is so much better. We can actually enjoy being parents and have some time back together as a couple. We are even thinking about having another baby, which would have been impossible before!

My advice to anyone considering using C&B would be to contact them straight away. Do not wait and hope things will get better. Get things sorted so that you can enjoy your child. You are truly doing this for them.

Thanks so much for your help Gemma, I cant think of anything more or differently that you could have done.

You have changed our lives for the better. We will be forever grateful for your help. You are amazing!!!

Lots of love,
Sally Rich and Finlay



Arthur had never been much of a sleeper but this improved when I stopped breastfeeding at around 17months. Unfortunately things got worse and we were frequently co-sleeping for naps and bedtime. I say unfortunately in the loosest sense; I loved those cuddles and him being close to me but I was also pregnant again and none of us were getting a proper nights sleep, Arthur included. The straw broke when our peaceful bedtime routine started to get longer and there were tears from everyone. After bath time all of our routine was in our bedroom and Arthur would scream if you tried to take him into his room.


From the word go our routine was in Arthur’s room. I’m not going to lie, it was hard and without Gemma on the end of the phone I’m not sure I would have been able to do it (pregnancy hormones). All the advice and support she gave us was rational and loving. After an hour of initial frustration on Arthur’s behalf he fell asleep and only woke up once during the night and after 5am and both times we settled him back to sleep with no fuss – unbelievable! That was less than two weeks ago, he’s slept through every night since then, he’s happier in the mornings, my husband and I have got some sleep (he’s pleased not to be in the spare room anymore!) and Arthur literally throws himself into his cot at bedtime. Not only has it improved his sleep but we were having separation issues at nursery, since we’ve started this journey he’s been so much happier and will run in to get breakfast without a backwards glance. I was worried this would affect our bond but it’s made it stronger and the hugs are off the scale. I wasn’t convinced it would work with such strong sleep associations but I’m so glad I was proven wrong. I would 100% recommend Calm & Bright.


Our baby Bjorn was never the ‘solid-sleep’ kind of baby. With every month he grew older and another milestone reached, my husband and I quietly hoped Bjorn would miraculously sleep through the night but disappointingly this didn’t happen.

Up until 7 months old Bjorn was waking up crying (sometimes screaming!) up to six times a night, resisting daytime naps and would only be settled by singing, rocking or feeding. Every evening anxiety set in about how the night would go and eventually (after countless snaps at each other during the early morning wake-ups and broken sleep) my husband and I were ready to get support in supporting Bjorn to self-soothe.

We spoke to a friend who recommended Calm and Bright assuring us that in under a week our little one would be sleeping solidly through the night; we just couldn’t imagine it but desperately hoped for the same outcome as our friend and the many testimonials we read online…and we were not disappointed.

After an in-depth conversation with our designated sleep-trainer Lucy, we were keen to get the programme started. Lucy’s communication was amazing; honest, sincere and responsive. She helped us throughout the day (at some points hourly!) tweaking Bjorn’s sleep plan accordingly giving us the knowledge and understanding around Bjorn’s sleep pattern and helped us to read his sleep cues which has been undeniably useful in everyday life.

Lucy also made us feel extremely supported throughout the programme; teaching us the confidence to know when to intervene or to hold back during Bjorn’s self-soothing and as a result, by the second night of the programme our little boy slept for a solid 11 hours and continues to sleep 11-12 hours each night. He also no longer resists his daytime naps and on the rare occasion he does stir, by using the self-soothing skills C&B have given us all, Bjorn will almost immediately resettle himself back to sleep…just incredible really.

I am writing this testimonial for you! I too was in the sleep-deprived state you are currently in; convincing myself that maybe my baby doesn’t need solid sleep and that I have to embrace this…but you don’t. When you feel ready to follow the programme C&B puts in place which provides you and your baby with the skills and tools to self-soothe, you’ll be saying ‘good riddance’ to anxious evenings and broken sleep and ‘hello’ to your new-energized-parent-self!”


I was very sceptical about using any kind of sleep support as I didn’t think it was possible for my little one to sleep like he now does but I was so exhausted I couldn’t go on as we were and I am so so glad I stumbled upon Calm & Bright. Lucy has been amazing throughout the whole process. I couldn’t have done it without her – she was so knowledgable and supportive and gave me the confidence to make the changes to allow my son to sleep well.

I am amazed that within a few days we began to see an improvement in his sleep and settling time. Previously it took me 2 hours to get my 18 month old to sleep in the evenings, then he would wake 3 to 4 times a nights and co sleep after the first wakening for the rest of the night. Now he goes into his cot at 6 o’clock, I say goodnight and leave the room and he immediately lies down and goes to sleep happily!!

He then sleeps solidly until 6am(every single night, in his own bed, without me!!)… it feels like a miracle!! He also self settles at nap time and sleeps for 1.5-2 hrs during day, which he didnt do before.

It is so nice to have some child free time in the evenings. My son is definitley happier and calmer now he is well slept, and so am I!

It really is the best money I have ever spent and I would recommend it to anyone… I only wish I had discovered it with my first child years ago!!

Thank you so so much.