We've been there too

Exhaustion is soul destroying. It ebbs away at our happiness, health, connection + calm - all the things we need to be our best selves

We are Calm & Bright. Two sisters from Devon, also known as 'The Sleep Sisters', 'Sleep Fairies' and 'Sleep Queens'. But you can just call us Eve & Gem

Together with our highly-qualified and deeply-nurturing team of NHS paediatric nurses, midwives, health visitors and counsellors, we help families live a happy, healthy, connected life with the ones they love.

We’ve authored a book on our topic, speak around the world regularly, and often feature in mainstream press. Everything we do comes from a place of love and we support each family as if they were our own. Our plans are 100% free of restrictive routines and our baby-led approach is regularly described as ‘gentle’, ‘responsive’ and ‘empowering.’

Meet Eve...

Founder, Certified Sleep Supporter + Mum of Four

In 2009, Eve was an exhausted first-time Mum, staunchly against sleep training. After almost a year 2 hourly night wakes, she crashed her car with her baby in it. Refusing to ‘Cry It Out’ but knowing she had to do something, she devised her own gentle method which saw her baby sleeping 12 hours by day 3. She took her number to the local HV + helped local families voluntarily for the next 5 years. 100 families (and a 100% success rate) later, she began C&B. Eve’s passion is busting the wild untruths around sleep teaching, using evidence-based practice. She lives in Dorset with her four children.

Meet Gem...

Paediatric Nurse, Director + Mum of Four

Gem was working as a nurse in London at St Thomas & Guy’s hospital when she got the call from Eve that she needed help with her new business ‘just for a week or so.’ 10 years on, Gem’s still saving lives, just through the power of sleep this time. Gem’s speciality is sleep in the first 6 months. Her passion is in providing the maternal support, care + compassion that is too often missing in today’s post-partum world.

Meet Lucy...

Paediatric Nurse, Senior Sleep Supporter, Health Visitor + Mum of Three

Lucy is an IVF Mummy of 3 (two of them twins), who met Gem when they were working at the same hospital together. Sharing the same philosophy + passion for helping shattered parents, Lucy is a real-life angel to families in search of solid sleep. You don’t have to look far to see Lucy’s name mentioned in our glowing reviews.   

Meet Collette...

Sleep Supporter, Senior Midwife + Mum of two

Based in the south West, Collette discovered Calm & Bright as an exhausted parent who used our plans with great success. Collette has two children, is a qualified, practicing midwife who works in the NHS alongside her sleep supporting role. Collette is experienced in infant feeding and has a specialism in supporting families with with allergies and reflux. Collette is highly skilled and experienced in supporting families through the early months of parenting and just happens to be the kindest soul.

Meet Aimee...

Sleep Supporter, Registered Senior Midwife, Perinatal Mental Health specialist + Mum of one

Aimee lives in Surrey and found C&B through working with Collette and doing our plans and 1:1 support with her daughter. Aimee is a registered Midwife who works as a clinical educator for the NHS. She has an in-depth knowledge of infant feeding and building close and loving relationships. She is highly experienced in working with all age groups from birth to 5 years of age. Aimee is a little ray of sunshine and gives her all to the families she supports. 

Meet Sal...

Sleep Supporter, Registered Midwife, Specialist Health Visitor, NHS Prescriber + Mum of 3

Based in Wiltshire, Sal is a registered Midwife, Specialist Health Visitor and prescriber with 14 years experience. She currently works several days a week for the NHS as a Health Visitor in a Specialist role. A Royal College of Nursing representative, Sal has a Post Graduate Diploma in Specialist community Public Health Nursing (SCPHN), has a V100 Prescribing qualification (Masters level), Solution focussed family therapy, Social, Emotional and Behavioural development of children,NSPCC Baby Steps accreditation, Safeguarding Adults level 3, Safeguarding Children level 3, Domestic Abuse, Self neglect Safeguarding training, CSE level 3, UNICEF Infant feeding training (updated annually), The Lullaby Trust – SIDS and Safer Sleep Training for Midwives. Sal is described by her families as ‘calm and so kind.’ 

Meet Becca...

Huge-hearted Social Media Superstar + Mum of two (third on the way!)

Becca lives in Jersey with her family. She is the kind voice you’ll first hear on our social media channels. Becca also helps organise Eve & Gem and keep them in the loop with important dates and events. Becca loves chatting with every family that reaches out. She is incredibly knowledgeable and expertly offers bespoke advice on which support option will suit a family best. She enjoys working closely with our wonderful team and provides any research or extra support when needed. Becca has the voice of an angel and the heart to match. We are so lucky to have her.

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