Sleep plan for 6 to 18 months

The Rested Baby Plan

Excellent-rated self-guided plan, responsible for over 15,000 rested families.
Easy to navigate modular guide with a range of approaches to suit your parenting style and pace.
Swiftly and responsively enable peaceful self-settling for all sleep night and day.
Comprehensive troubleshooting guide from 15 years experience

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So what's inside?

With The Rested Baby Plan, you will be giving your little one the best start with their sleep journey.

Our ‘Excellent’ rated plan, developed over 15 years with over 15,000 families, gives you every tool you need to resolve broken nights, bedtime battles, nightmare naps, early starts, split nights, dummy reliance + surplus night feeds. 

Choose from 3 tried and tested routes to solid sleep based on your parenting style. 100% free of strict routines and rigid timings, our plan works around your family life. Our responsive baby-led approach empowers you to enable your child with 11+ hours overnight so that they can be their best selves. 

Bonus Resources

Video Library of ‘Watch this when’ covering topics such as ‘Before You Begin’, ‘Boost Your Confidence’ and What To Do When You Hit a Hurdle’. 

Sleep Tracker

The Early Wakes Plan. Every tool you need to combat early wakes. 

Positive Sleep Affirmations (Affirmations. Audio + written words to motivate, encourage + inspire you on your journey.)

Sleep Needs Table Birth-4 Years (Covering all your baby’s sleep needs from nap length to duration, number of naps + night feeds needed at each age)

Eve’s poem 

Sleep & You section (supporting your own sleep)

Troubleshooting. We provide the answers to the top 20 questions we’ve been asked in the 15 years we’ve been supporting families on our plans. 

Naps Troubleshooting. With day sleep being so critical to peaceful nights, we’ve covered everything we’ve learnt since the start to help you resolve short naps, nap resistance, fitting naps in, nap-clashes with other commitments, nap transitions, naps outside the home + abroad + more. 

Readiness Checklist. Helping you start at the optimum time for your family for best success

The poem ‘Untangled’. Eve’s wrote this on completion of her first ever sleep support, inspired by her torturous internal debate about whether or not to sleep teach + her triumphant realisation that she did not have to choose between a well-rested + well-attached baby. 

Free bonus resources

Helpful extras you will find inside the plan hub.

Some of the many success stories.

Our self-help plan is at your fingertips when you need it

The Rested Baby Plan is an online self-help course that you can access through your favourite devices. 

As soon as you check out today, you will gain access to the videos, literature and downloadable materials that make up the plan.

It tracks your progress and you can log-in anytime day or night and get the information you need.

From: £89

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